Do you want The Mercedes A45 AMG 4Matic or does society want you to have it?


Who wouldn’t want the newest racing car in terms of the new Mercedes A45 AMG 4Matic? In the present day, we as nationals rely massively on the views and the guidance of our society and environment when it comes to making decisions or having a particular opinion. Sports cars are just a minor example of the way power is represented in everyday lives from the typical boyish sports car for the spoon fed son next door or the less luxurious family car for Sally down the road. Previously when cars weren’t the primary way of travelling nobody felt a pressure in order to have the ‘best’ as only the elite could actually afford the cars. As society has developed we have all been influenced in one way by ‘power’ and the illusion that we have to invest our lives into the way society wants us to.merdesed

The Mercedes A45 AMG 4Matic is a recently released car advertised ‘With unrivalled torque and an impressive peak output, the entry-level model from Mercedes-AMG is extremely powerful for a compact sports model.’ we are presented with attractive advertisement which could to some extent could justify its £40,695.00 price tag. But why? Does this mean that if you purchase this car it makes you socially accepted? Luke’s third dimension of power could be relevant in explaining how thought control is responsible for the perception of people thinking they must buy the best, yet power surrounds us in so many different ways that the stigma buying sports cars gives your social status a huge boost elevating you to the next level as you aren’t being oppressed but instead self-delusion and brainwashing comes into play and allows loss of all knowledge and a faint answer to your own interests.

Foucault’s Panopticon in that modern power allows you to realise that everyone is watching you however you can not see them. In doing this you immediately change the way in which your doing things, for example if you purchase the A45 AMG it could be seen as perception to yourself that it will draw attention with the ‘ideology’ of being looked at. In perspective purchasing this car capitulates changes to yourself through the concept of false consciousness. Consequently, there is a pressure for you to behave in a particular way when you drive the car or the way you carry yourself as you continue to hold the enigma that you own a sports car. You don’t actually know what is real but are lured into deeming that this car is the right car for ourselves, or is it just the nightmare of desire (Rousseau)? Sometimes your supposed own thoughts have been mass influenced in order to make you think this way.

Institutional power is used by automotive Mercedes to heighten their status as well as economic power to improve wealth and production. In my opinion this has been executed considerably because it has made them exceed over $105.8 billion in sales as of May 2016. Without the deliberate uses of power this wouldn’t have been achievable. You would think that more advertising would be done to attract consumers but you’d be surprised! Threat of force in terms of indirect power and manipulation into enticing consumers to have no voice or opinion for themselves but to choose their products have allowed them to gain a very loyal customer base consisting of upper class individuals and families who are willing to spend the extra dime to remain a loyal mercedescustomer.

As power dominates the world and everything in it, are we really allowing ourselves to think with our own opinions and thoughts or are we allowing society to dictate our thoughts. Why allow a glorified era where image is everything to choose whether you buy this top of the range Mercedes A45 AMG 4Matic? Think, is this car really the car for you?


Evaluation – Question 1

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Below i have attached a Prezi presentation answering evaluation question 3. I felt that the audience feedback was considerably positive yet it allowed me to identify where there is room for improvement. Audience feedback gives an insight into how the consumer would appreciate and view my work.